We are in a cold snap here in the South.  Great Fall weather, my favorite time of the year.  But it appears that Mother Nature plays tricks on some of her Juicy Crones.  I woke up this morning at a time when I’m usually at work already.  Rushed to get into what I call ” full drag” and rushed in the office to get coffee made so I could even function.

Does nature ever reek havoc on your system without you getting the memo that its coming?  I fell asleep at 5 P.M. last night after i fed the dogs.  I woke up at 8:30…too late to eat supper, watched Netflix for an hour and must have drifted off again.  Anyway it was like having a sleeping sickness.

Our body rhythms take over even without our permission.  I woke up this morning contorted into some weird pretzel shape and in need of coffee, only to find there was no time to make it.  The Universe had conspired to make me slow down in spite of my efforts to plough through the daily morass at break neck speed.  Take a Crone’s advice, learn to listen to your body rhythms early in life. You won’t be disappointed.  Young or old if you burn the candle at both ends the Universe will put Mother Nature on direct order to slow you down.  Don’t make God throw a brick. I chose to ignore the signs, and twice in my life and He did.  I have a metal plate in my leg, and a crushed skull to prove it.

The cycles of nature are a clue in themselves.  This is the time of year the animals gather and store nut, many animals and insects go into the earth to hibernate, and the plants go dormant to rest until spring.  My point, slow down, but never quit the race.  Follow the rhythms of nature.  Meditate more, keep some healthy soup on the stove top and for goodness sake get sleep.  Your body will thank you, your immune system will thank you and the Power of the Universe will bless you.


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