This is to the lady in the Walmart parking lot who was traveling at break neck speed while puffing on a ciggy and talking on her phone.  You almost broadsided me running that stop sign.  I had to draw a deep breath as you puffed along and  barely missed a mother and child walking into the store.

In my opinion people with this amount of disregard for civil law and human life are no better than terrorists.  There is a special place in Hell for you.  There is no one on that phone that can’t wait to hear your dribble.  The life of that mother and child outweighs any useless gossip you may be engaged in at the moment.

Idiots are a special topic to this Crone; mostly because they show up every day.  This topic may show up often.  I realize you cannot fix stupid even with super glue. We can get wiser to acknowledging their existence, and raising our awareness, to avoid letting them randomly kill us and our love ones as we run a simple errand.

Stay alert “Crone Brigade”; we love you and don’t want you hurt.  Keep your awareness fine-tuned… like a ninja warrior… at all times.  The Universe is a better place with you in it.  The Karma Cops will remove the Idiots slowly but surely.


The Queen Cronista


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