Crones, like wounded tigers, should not be toyed with when they are ill!  Especially during a FULL MOON (like today).  I’d only had one cold in 35 years and am sporting my 8th bout of bronchitis in18 months since moving back to Appalachia.  Is the Universe trying to tell me something?  I don’t know how to be ill …so this is truly a challenge.

Unlike the tiger I was not up all night stalking prey.  I was hacking up a lung until the wee hours of the morning.  That, with this full moon energy, has me ready to rip off a head, and pour stump water down a neck.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed. At least I try to be fair when I have my cranky pants on….which is not often.

The staffs I worked with in corporate america use to hang a full moon sign on my office door to warn the uninformed.  Don’t we wish all of life’s hurdles had a full moon sign posted for us? Nature is fair; like the Crones we post signs.  We don’t want to harm or maim we just want to be left alone and treated with due respect during times of challenging energies.

Young people would do well to start learning to read the signs.  Like the wisdom of the shaman, it’s all out there for you if you learn to read the signs.  Learn to improve your awareness by reading the signs in every moment of the day.  Be in the present and improve your chances to live longer and seize all opportunities, all around you.

Now, with this helpful hint from the Crones in your toolbox, you are better armed to make the best of this day ….FULL MOON… and otherwise.


The Queen Cronista


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