When you have been around as long as this Crone you recognize brilliance and honor those who make the tapestry of life so fascinating.  I am blessed to be teaching some brilliant young minds right now.  I find its the same when I was training adult learners for a fortune 100 company for years.  You need to observe the crop and pick out the best crop to tend.  It is not always the tallest stalk, or the thinnest stalk, the stalk with the same growing pattern as the rest, or the stalk that looks like all the rest.

Sometimes the thoroughbreads are the shorter, rounder, stalks with a sturdier soul and a quicker wit. Find the stalk that starts growing in the mail room but blossoms best when placed in front of a computer or behind a TV camera.  The stalk that when transplanted yields outstanding results year after year. However, had we not taken the time to see that stalk, and help transplant it to better soil (more challenging environment) it would have wilted and died.

Don’t pass up the productive stalks because you only look a the tall stalks hogging the sun.  Really look at your crop and handle it according to its individual need.  I’ve been blessed with a brilliant “Diva Brigade” wherever I worked in corporate America.  The saucy, articulate, sassy Divas that are the core of all organizations (even though the corporations still don’t know that).  If you want a team effort to work, your own company to flourish, or just to surround yourself with people who will make a difference in your life; find the divas, the goddesses, the old crones and befriend them (if you are lucky they’ll let you).  These are humans with very sensitive baloney meters.  You cannot fool them for long ….if at all.  But if you are lucky enough to have one call you friend you have arrived in life. And note…the crop around them flourishes better than the rest… and produces the most excellent output.  Fact!!!

The Queen Cronista


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