I’m volunteering at a community fund raiser auction today.  I try to do some volunteer work at least 15 hours a week now that I am semi retired.  I get a lot out of helping people and a community with such a great need as the one where I live.  I actually do it because I get so much out of it myself.

My son and my beautiful daughter-in-law volunteer with at risk teens. Mentoring, lecturing on ethics, etc.   My daughter is an entertainer and volunteers for many charitable events in Hollywood where she lives.  She also travels overseas with the USO to entertain troops all year round. You have mad skills of some sort. Use them to help and make a difference in your world.

Find out where you can make a difference in your community.  Volunteer, donate time; resources, money anything you can to keep charity here at home.  Who knows the life you impact may cure cancer someday!


The Queen Cronista

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