Have you ever noticed in this modern day of NOT wanting to be accountable for their actions and decisions people will often say ….“well THEY say”….WHO THE HELL IS THEY?????

I once took one of my sick children to the best pediatrician in a large metropolitan area.  I told him the toddler was having repeated sore throats and ear aches.  I wanted his tonsils and adenoids  out.  Our old family doctor always recommended this and so did all the old mountain grandmothers.

This renown doctor says to me..”well THEY say THEY don’t like to do that anymore”!!! To which is replied who the hell is THEY?  If you are the best and you are giving me a decision based on THEY then why am I paying you to be quoting THEY?  I need to get this baby to THEY immediately.  He was not amused. He left the room and crawled back up on his self build pedestal to lick his wounds. I took my son back to the mountains and had them removed.  No more constant ear infections and sore throats.  What a surprise! P.S. I sent the doctor a bill for the 2.0 hours he made me and other mothers wait trying to keep a sick child calm in a room full of shiny implements.  I never got a bill on that one.

Be informed; think about it.  When you hear THEY say herbs and spices are not documented as medicinal and you should only do what a traditional doctor says. Follow the money. Who is paying the doctor to say that?  What large pharmaceutical company is giving that medical practice trips to the Caribbean and fur coats for the wife this year to hawk their products?

Always find out who paid for the grant THIS YEAR to support the current nonsense?  Don’t eat eggs…oh now THEY say you should eat eggs suddenly it has good cholesterol .  Don’t eat dark meat of the chicken…now  THEY say OK to eat dark meat of chicken promotes HDL..(good cholesterol).  Suddenly every chef on the cooking channels is now using dark meat again.

The list goes on and on but always follow the money. See who paid for the research, and read multiple sources to verify.   Personally I go to an old mountain grandmother or herbalist. They will support good medicine and tell you why.


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