Is it just me?

It is Christmas, the sky is blue, the weather amazing for this time of year in the mountains of Appalachia. But it seems that even though we’ve had Christmas since July people seem to more tired, sad, and generally NOT in the Christmas spirit this year.

Now we have terrorist threats harkening our shores and a general malaise spread over the land like “The Nothing” in some fairy tale movie.  It’s consuming the land, and overall taking the meaning out of this former glorious time of year.  I know lights are up all over but are they nothing more than a competition to show our growing need for excess each year?

Stop, take a breath, focus and see what you are truly emoting this year.  Take a moment to give a big hug to loved ones including our furry families.   Put love into every ingredient of every dish you prepare.  Let your eye twinkle, or tear, or both when you truly listen to the words of the traditional Christmas Carols this year.

Make sure you remember the reason for the Season and may all of your Christmases be bright.

The Queen Cronista


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