Is It Just Me!

I’ve made it my habit not to go into malls and super stores after Thanksgiving. However, work required a couple of necessary adventures into the morass this Christmas Season.

I began to observe what I must surmise is a cultural phenomenon to Appalachia? I observe small groups of Walmartians clustered around bubba trucks and camouflaged 4 wheelers, in the mall parking lots, seemingly drinking and having what would have to be defined as tailgate parties for lack of a better term. Strangely this is at all hours of the day and night.

Is this a new means of free recreation in the South?  It does now explain why the parking lots look like a land fill off the Long Island Expressway each morning.

I guess they are like coyotes…run off of their old gathering places in the wood and dale by progress and overdevelopment.  It is rather like coming upon a pack of coyote when you first see them….a bit startling and curious.  It is amazing how our local culture has changed these many years. Our world of chaos gets curiouser and curiouser.


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