Thought for the Day

Those of us who have been around awhile know in the very depth of our being that “Love and Light” is what it is all about.  Loving the entire Universe (because we are all connected to everything in the Universe) and loving ourselves so we can do just that.

I’m always working on being a kinder gentler me.  In spite of all of my proclaimed “saltiness” I know that love is the answer to it all. I still struggle to walk that talk.  So where I am this week… is to practice loving someone or something…I might generally scowl at on a given day.  Send the situation or person light and love and walk away,  feeling the gratitude for my ability to choose correctly and do that.

Its tough for me a lot of days.  The world we live in is not in a condition I thought I’d ever see it in my lifetime.  I pray for my grandchildren everyday that they learn at an early age to survive this chaos with love and better understanding than their Crone Grandmother did.   They are our future.  Luckily my daughter-in-law is a solid Diva with a huge heart and a firm grip on reality.  I wish that for all of your children and children’s children.

Send a little love and light all week….the Universe will feel the vibration and respond accordingly.


The Queen Cronista


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