Recipe of the Day-Quinoa Pizza

Working hard to overcome my winter doldrums which lead to carb overload.  Below is a tasty recipe loaded with protein that should help us all. it helps those looking out for gluten issues.  This Quinoa Crust is dense, so a thinner crust does not mean a weak pizza base.  I prefer to use quinoa flour to increase flakiness.


Oven 350 *             Grease Medium Pizza Pan

2 Cups                    Chopped Cremini Mushrooms

1 Sm Bag                 Spinach

1 Pt                          Grape Tomatoes Halved

1/2 Cup                    Feta Cheese

1 Cup                       Asiago Cheese

2 Lg                         Shallots Diced

1 tsp                         Minced Garlic

2 Cups                     Quinoa Flour

1/2 Cup                    Butter (room temperature)

2 Tbs                        Water, or as needs

Quinoa Crust-mix flour and butter in a bowl until mixture forms small clumps; stir in water until dough comes together.  If dough is too dry, add a few drips of water until dough holds together.  Press dough into prepared pizza pan and bake for 10 minutes. Let Cool while you prepare toppings.

Toppings-Heat skillet to medium high.  Saute shallots until translucent, add the mushrooms until reduced.  Reduce heat to medium. Then wilt the spinach in with the tomatoes add the garlic and simmer for 5 minutes Add Feta Cheese and fold in lightly.

Spread Half of the Asiago cheese on the crust.  Then spread the topping mixture over it.  Put the remaining Asiago Cheese over the top and bake until brown.  Let sit 5 minutes before slicing.



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