We know for certain we become what we think about all day long.  Does it not stand to follow, that our mind (the software of our soul), should be fed with the same care that we feed our physical form …to maintain maximum health?

Well, your only answer must be, yes.  Reality is nothing more than the illusion dreaded by each individual mind based upon how it chooses to perceive any given input.  Change the perception change the reality.

So simple, yet so hard.  Like any computer we are told garbage in garbage out.  Start practicing never completing a negative thought.  When you find yourself wallowing in the bog of eternal stench of negative thoughts and self-pity…STOP… REBOOT…create the new outcome you would desire.  Immediately the Universe begins to honor that request.  Like the genie in the preverbal bottle your wish is its’ command.  You are the captain of your ship, the programmer/developer of all of your own software.  You do not have the privilege of passing it off on anyone else.

God’s infinite Universe always responds to our choices, and sends consequence based on those choices.  My prayer for each of you today is that you feed yourself well; both physically and mentally.  Be kind to yourself and other.  Your response to a situation could be the good food someone else needs to stay on track today.  Feed yourself, feed the Universe well…we are all connected.  Breathe in LOVE, breathe out everything else.


The Queen Cronista



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