Note for the Day…Home Invasion

I just moved….So ladies, after my second home invasion in one week, I am suggesting that each of you, especially if you are alone, get a taser near you in the house at all times.  Keep the local police in speed dial. Fortunately, neither of my crazies were armed, just drug crazed and out of control.  I was able to shout each away with some salty old broad language and that pointy finger grandmothers use.   I’m not saying by any stretch it wasn’t harrowing.  However, I was blessed by the Universe to be fearless enough to handle it.  Let’s hope the third time is charm as well…Heaven forbid!!!

My point in all of this is, that in this chaotic world we now live in, no one is safe.  Statically what are the odds of 2 crazies picking me out of the morass to invade?  Yet, here it was in one week.  Do not take for granted today.  Tomorrow may not exist.  Be grateful that we are as protected as we are, and give thanks to Heaven for it.

I am 60 plus decades old and I know I was blessed to be this salty for so long. It pays to be  fearless but not stupid.  Get some form of protection and be aware of your surroundings….at home, in parking lots, in stores and when jogging.  My nephew is getting me brass knuckles with an appropriate crown carved in it.  I am anti-violence but not stupid.  I will protect myself and the ones I love.  One thing I learned in Girl Scouts many years ago was…”be prepared”!  I suggest you hold those wise words as your truth.

Love, Light and Protection to all of our Divas today and everyday.


The Queen Cronista



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