Is It Just Me? Snow

We are in mid-February and we’ve had about 7 days of snow and it at it again. Good days for reading, making good homemade soup (See today’s Recipe), hugging the puppies or the babies a little more and generally being grateful for the flowers all of this moisture will bring in the spring.

I personally do not like snow but Mother Nature  knows best.  It’s all about the rhythms of the Earth.  Although, is it just me, or do they truly seem to be out of sync these days?  Friends in California, Arizona and Nevada report unusual cold weather this winter.  If global warming issues are NOT a truth then what is it?  More importantly how does the Human Race think that Mother Nature will not get even with our abuse of her baby… Earth?

The trouble is those of us, who are tuned into trying to limit our carbon footprints, will suffer with the greedy, power hungry, egos that created the problems.  Karma will be a bear for them but we have to suffer the cause and effect of their bad Karma in the meantime.  Maybe the Universe will let us stick around long enough to see it reap its wrath on these ego maniacal princes of industry and politics. Until then I’m enjoying Natures Gifts and praying for global healing.


The Queen Cronista


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