Food for Thought….Winter Doldrums…

Winter Doldrums…

Spring is on the way.  However, many of my Divas and Crones tell me they are having the winter doldrums this year worse than they can remember.  Join the crowd.  You are not alone.  The current full moon raging today does’t help.  Don’t feel guilty.  The forces of nature work a number on many personality types this time of year.  You and I are no exception.

But what to do? Well, right now I can’t take a nap, or hug my dogs, or even think of one “happy trigger” to get my act together.  Soooo….I am meditating more each day and clearing the dust bunnies out of my attic as often as possible.  Like all of Nature, it is a cycle we are in, at the moment.  I say moment; it may last days or a week for some.  If it last more than that consider seeking help from a professional.

Other things you can do… go to a great spa and have a spa day… if you are blessed to live where such a thing is possible. Nothing better than to sit in the steam room or sauna or both.  Get a good exfoliating facial or body scrub and visualize the toxin coming off of your face and body as preparation of your burst into the spring equinox on March 21st.  Get your bloom on now.  Otherwise take a good hot epsom salt bubble bath.  Soak and read some uplifting poems or literature.

If you are blessed with good weather already, and are fit enough to get into a safe wood or forest, do that.  Sit at the base of a large tree in your best Budda pose, close your eyes and think of all the joyful things you have to be thankful/grateful for in the world. And above all SMILE while you are doing it.  The old adage …”fake it until you make it” …applies here.  No Diva or Crone left behind.

Happy pre Spring to all….

The Queen Cronista


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