Thought for the Day-Abundance

The motivational gurus will tell us the way to the wealth of the Universe is meditation and positive thinking.  We repeat over land over the old cliches ….”Garbage in garbage out..”; And ..As a person thinketh…” so goes his/her life. Why then don’t we learn?  Why don’t we take the easy road to success, abundance, and health?  Why do we focus on sadness, chaos, and fear of deprivation?

If you went into an antique store and found the magic lamp with the genie inside what would you do.  Sit and say …this can’t possibly work, this just isn’t possible?  Your genie would respond…”Your wish is my command”….and nothing would happen.

Research suggests the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a “thing” we see or a “thing “we clearly imagine.  Studies with athletes have proven that conscious meditation on their respective perfect game can improve their performance tremendously.

Why then do we choose to vetch our way through the day? Why do we let our mind wander to garbage and fear in our daydream time, instead of focus on all of the riches the Universe has, and wants to give to us?  Practice and focused visualization is easy and free to everyone.  What disease causes us to do otherwise, when joy and abundance is right there (a thought away)?

Ridding our lives of a contaminated mind is easier for some than others.  However, the steps to getting there are the same for each of us.  Cleaning the dust bunnies out of your mental attic, focus, practice, then practice some more on an attitude of gratitude and the abundance and joy all around you.  The choice is always yours.

Set up a success altar at home; a small table or counter space where you can sit and focus on a candle or  incense burning while listening to meditation music or just the silence. Start with 10 minutes a day twice a day.  Build on that as time allows.  You know you waste 20 minutes a day on nonprofitable activity anyway. Make all of your moments count.

Here is praying for your success in claiming all that God has to offer in the Universe of Abundance that is there for each of us.


The Queen Cronista


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