Is it just me? Spring Challenges

Well, spring sprung, and sprung back, here in the hills.  I am fighting a bad croneista cold.  However, I figured out the best way to refuse the gifts of a cold is to be happy and ignore it.  I feel it resisting the happiness, but I got up....took my pomegranate juice with raw apple cider …

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Recipe of the Day-OMG Cupcakes

Thank you Kelly for sharing this recipe with all of our Diva, Crone readers.  This is a treat truly fit for the Queen.  A must try.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista OMG CUPCAKES- KELLY WOODWARD Oven 325* Yields 24-30 Cupcakes -CHOCOLATE FUDGE CUPCAKE BATTER 3/4-Cup         Semi-sweet Chocolate Morsels 1 Cup              Sweet Butter 1 Tsp.              Vanilla …

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