Daily Diva Diatribe

Is it just me?

I’m just getting over a cold that didn’t happen.  I started taking my elderberry extract, mega doses of vitamin C and olive leaf extract and warded off a full blown cold.  Is it just me or do we too often ignore those natural healing herbs and remedies that keep us on systematic track?

I use to have an immune system of a Goddess and just never got sick in the first place.  However, the geographic/demography of my current locale seems to have impacted my immune system.  So, I go to nature for the help I need, and it seems to work every time.  It’s all out there for the taking; instead of taking hours in a doctors waiting room with more sick people, I choose to fight with what God and nature have given us.  It is a lot believe me.  Or don’t believe me; research yourself and give things a try …one step at a time.

Most of my friends in California use alternative healers and doctors of oriental medicine in combination with traditional doctors if needed.  Medical facilities out West are more tuned in with alternative medicines than here in the South I find.  It just feels so good to be back on track, and feeling good without sitting for hours in a sick facility and spending hundreds on chemical pharmaceuticals that work a number on the system as well.


The Queen Cronista

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