Thought for the Day- Buck it Up!

My children use to tell the school nurse not to call me to pick them up from school unless they were bleeding from a major orifice. They would tell her I’d just say to tell them to “buck it up; walk it off!” I wasn’t that bad, but it is a good philosophy to keep us moving when we don’t feel like it on certain days.

However, with crone-dom come a little more wisdom; one hopes.  Be kind to the vessel we call our human body.  It has to last a lifetime. I’ve watched friends, of late, press themselves too hard at the age of wisdom they should know better.  The result extended illness or hospitalization. Love yourself as Mother Nature loves us.  Love yourself enough to be kind to yourself and listen to your body and Nature when it tells you to curb the “tough Diva within”.

Make sure you are taking your daily supplements, eat a cleaner diet, make sure you are drinking your water each day.  I say this because I’m down in the energy department right now and I realize I’ve been doing none of the above.  I’m at work feeling poorly but I had to tell myself to…” buck it up and walk it off!” So liquid fast for 3 days to detox the system, at least 1/2 hour a day in nature (weather permitting), and focused mediation to clear the dust bunnies out of the attic of my contaminated mind.

It helps to remember that the world is  still a wonderful place.   I need to get out in Nature to get a real energy fix.  Here is hoping your week is filled with Nature, Love and Joy.


The Queen Cronista

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