Meditation for Our Future…

Meditation for Our Future…

Let us confess our lack of meditation. Lack of meditation is proof of a lack of faith in the Universe. It is the symptom of a life that is not spiritually minded–that is still under the power of the self and the world. Let us practice our daily need to meditate and focus on the silence to gain our true spiritual nature.

Let the sight of everyone needing help, every stirring in the heart of compassion, every missed opportunity of our own inadequacy to bless others, every challenge in the way of getting our answers, all merge to us to do one thing: with dedication and pure intention ask the Universe to hear your pleas.

We have failed in our society, we must now do our utmost to train a young generation of light workers to profit by our mistakes and improve the vibration of our world. Through focused mediation (a vibration that can only raise good energy), we can make a difference…each of us.

It is not too late for us to make good. We must encourage those who come after us. We must encourage them to enter into focused meditation to improve their world. It is our responsibility and theirs to improve the vibration of our Universe.


The Queen Cronista

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