Recipe of Day-Crab Dip

Crab Dip

2 Lg Ripe Avocados chopped

3 Tbs Sour Cream

3 Tbs Lime Juice

1 Lime Zested

2 Tbs Chives Chopped

1 Cup Crab Meat

½ Cup Mayonnaise

2 Tbsp Basil sliced thin

½ Med Jalapeno diced

1 Bag Baked Tortilla Chips

½ Tsp Salt

½ Tsp Pepper

In a large bowl, mash avocados to chunky consistency; mix in sour cream, with salt and pepper to taste. Spoon mixture into a clear Serving bowl creating a smooth layer. Set aside. Gently squeee crabmeat to remove excess liquid. In a small bowl, mix crabmeat, mayonnaise, basil, jalapeno and remaining ½ Tbs lime juice. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon crab over avocado mixture. Serve with chips. Serves 4

Note: This recipe is loaded with carotenoid-rich green produce and iodine-rich crab. These nutrients show very beneficial in thyroid studies.

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