Today’s Thought…Irritations!!!


I am one of those folks who believe that the first hour is the rudder of the day.  What you think about all day long is what you become.  Yudda, Yudda….So today I began by relaxing into my day by listening to alpha wave meditation music, saying my prayer for the day, hugging the pups and telling them I thank God for them everyday.

Then I go to my  regular breakfast establishment and I’m met by a sulking hostess who makes me seat myself and hangs while reading a text message.  She has seated someone at the table I usually sit at to keep the sun out of my eyes.  There is usually me and one other senior citizen there everyday.  So why with a hundred other tables does she pick that one to fill?  Irritation begins to build.  My wonderful wait staff handles things with an apology and the usual good service.  Then the eggs arrive overcooked and toast floppy.  New cook refuses to give the wait staff what the order states.  Their frustration builds.

Then little Miss… I’m a Superstar Hostess in training, seats a table of 8 next to the only 2 customers in the place and refuses to ask the management to turn down the loud music.  This prevents us from hearing the other newly arrived guest at our table. The party of eight, seemingly feeding what is a rowdy hangover, escalates their conversation by about 5 decibels.  Your waitress can’t refresh your coffee for the demands of the demon possessed table of 8 and everyone’s frustration escalates.

Are you recognizing any of this yet?  Anyway you eat quickly to get out of the bad ju-ju and to a calmer more appealing environment.  You’ve made a choice. “Keep Calm and Carry On”  as the poster goes.  It’s always about our choice and no one else. We can stay and glare at the idiots. We can snap and complain to the waitress already stressed to the max. We can also call the manager report the hostess and cook who have made you pay good money to be treated like used bait.  But now you have chosen to fall into the abyss with the rest of the misery around you, and poison your soul and the lovely day you started at home.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have a temper like a saber tooth tiger and go dark way more often than I should.  But the point is,  I’m trying to make better choices on the “light” side more often now.  I just feel better when I do.  I always end up asking myself …if it won’t matter a 100 years from now… why bother to choose darkness in my day?  I’ve discovered there is no good answer for that choice.  I’m human; it will happen…but I am getting better every day at right choices!

Namaste My Diva-kind,

The Queen Cronista

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