Is It Just Me? Service Owed for Money Paid

Service Owed for Money Paid….

I’ve mentioned before that I eat breakfast at a place each morning and there is always an a retired military person who sits in her designated seat, at her designated table and eats her same meal each day.  She is a good customer who always shops at the chain’s retail store in the entrance.  She is demanding, loud  and gruff (senior hearing impaired issues). She is country as all get out, but a good, caring person at heart.

The new young superstar trainee hostess on the morning shift has developed attitude with her and refuses to fulfill simple requests.  Bear in mind that at 6-7 AM morning shift may only have we 2 customers in the entire 100 table establishment.  Why then do they feel the need to stick very rudely to some corporate rule that pisses off customers who spend no less than a $1,000.00 a month during breakfast shift alone?  This lady eats out every meal and most of it at this establishment.  She buys gifts daily and expects respect and service for the money she is dumping in this establishment.

Several days a week we have a guest join us and that guest also spends money at this chain store and expects a certain service for money spent.  The morning management often comes in as much as 2 hours late leaving guests and staff standing at a locked door. He then arrives without so much as an apology.  He does has had a 100% turnover in cooking staff in 2 months… and he does not reprimand the rude, hostess superstar, for her behavior ….and so the story goes daily.  The wait staff is appalled at these behaviors and tries to make up with good service.  Today the retired military Sargent stated she is fed up and is going to start to look elsewhere to spend her money.  I agreed.

Is it just me?  Or is it wrong to expect some form of manners and respect to the customers who spend a lot of money helping make ones paycheck possible?  Our American executives are so focused on the bottom line and tasks check lists for employees that they are now 3 generations into thoughtless, rude, customer care personnel that they have no hope of salvation.  I mean think about it people…if two customers who spend a minimum of $12,000.00 each a year at your establishment decide to go else where, how long can you survive?  This is not just for me and Sarge. It is a call for justice and good manners to every person who spends hard earned money in a retail business.

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