Is It Just Me? Stop and Hug the Good Ones

Stop and Hug the Good Ones

Sadly I must speak metaphorically on this issue.  In this world of chaos and confusion there are so many good souls, and furry babies on this Earth Plane that should be giving angel hugs all day.  Sadly if you attempt any such gesture these days you are likely to be sued for harassment, assault, or weirdness.

However, I have a method I use for people I like.  I throw the proverbial Hollywood Kiss and say “LoveUmeanit!”  I find this seems to be an accepted method of public hug (so to speak) that one can get away with these days.  That way you are always able remind those you love/like that have their backs daily as well as an acceptable PDA (Public Display of Affection).

It’s what we’ve come to in our world! However, there are those of us who remain undaunted and refuse to harden our hearts for others viewing pleasure. So go on…Smell the Flowers, Pay it Forward and always find a way to Hug the Good Ones in your life…no matter what.  Create your own signature PDA and give it freely.


The Queen Cronista

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