Is It Just Me? Road Manners

Road Manners

Often I rant on about how good manners have been lost in our Western society.  Modern youth know nothing of the days of Emily Post and Ann Lander’s tips on etiquette. In a time when such things were the rule of the day, we even had good road manners.

Today I was sitting at a local 4-way stop and I let the first cars go. I sat waiting for the car to my left to go as she had beat me to the stop.  She was yacking on her phone, chomping gum like a hooker at a convention, and rolling but not going through the stop.  I tried to be considerate and give her brain dead ass the right of way.  I did not feel comfortable pulling out with a person so NOT” into driving, or rules of the road.

When my father was loosing his mind teaching his first teenager to drive (me), he always admonished me to remember that every yeahoo on the road, would do the dumbest things I could not even imagine.  He cautioned that I drive defensively at all times. Yet he reminded me …with courtesy …because,  it is every drivers charge, to see that each person on the road, arrives safely at their destination.  When I had company cars on my job, we took annual defensive driving schools for driver safety.    They also taught that same wisdom…. it is every drivers charge, to see that each person on the road, arrives safely at their destination.

Long gone are those days.  Yet, there are a few of us who were raised with this philosophy, who try to make a decent attempt to maintain some of that charge even today  (not always; we are human)!

My wisdom for the day is to remember what my father told me and what all defensive driving schools teach … it is every drivers charge, to see that each person on the road. arrives safely at their destination…


The Queen Cronista

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