Crone A Rambling-Summer


As I sit here in my office looking out of the 6 foot window onto my world,  I hear the hum of the mowers, the passing traffic and birds.  All of nature is resonating as it should on this day of puffy clouds and blue sky.

I noted this morning while having breakfast with one of the wonderful grandmothers who often graces me with her presence and knowledge. I opined that all of nature vibrates in complete perfection with the will of the Source of All things.  Man interferes but nature corrects as needs.

However, I wonder if we have strayed so far from the respect Mother Nature was given by the ancients, that she is about to rise up in retaliation against human greed and excess? Who could blame her?  I struggle to keep my own carbon footprint at a minimum.  Yet I do not feel like I do the Cosmos justice.  Multiply my lame efforts, by billions who do not care at all, and you have one nasty snag in the cord of human existence that binds us all.   I know that one person can make a difference.  However, what effort can I make to get the Earth Mother the respect she deserves from others?

All I can do is my best, and hope it will mirror good vibration to others to do the same everywhere. We need to revive the respect for nature practiced by the Native Americans, Druids, and other ancients who knew how we were truly blessed by the Earth Mother and her unflinching cycles.  Meditate on that and help me bring up that vibration once more.


The Queen Cronista

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