Diva Musings- Responsibility

The more I  listen in restaurants, grocery isles, super store checkout lines  and any public gathering I’ve noticed a growing lack of respect, compassion and responsibility for one’s own actions of the general public.  It seems most people choose to air their malignant narcissistic laundry while I’m trapped in some line or other.  You don’t hear how are you (with any real sincerity for an answer), or you look wonderful or compliments of genuine sincerity.  Is it any wonder our world is filled with very NON-Mayberry behaviors? If we want to snap our world back into a more loving, calmer aspect I think these words of the Dali Lama gives us a good model to aim at…..

“Follow the three R’s: Respect for self, respect for others, and responsibility for all your actions.” ~ Dalai Lama 

Quit boring the public with your ….”Lord knows I try” when the Lord and everyone else around your malignant  narcissistic ass knows you don’t try at all.  You shop for the next doctor to prescribe your next legal fix of the day,  you whine and complain to everyone about everything.  Sadly those of us who try to be compassionate know the story so well by now we could record it once and play it anywhere for any of you who whine and it is always the same tired old story.

Get a grip, get a job. If a job is not available start a company.  That’s what the Juicy Crones do.  We recognize that the Universe has blessed every human with gifts (in your case unused gifts) that can benefit the world and even your own whiny selves by building your Respect for self, respect for others, and responsibility for all your actions.” as the Dalai Lama recommends.  Be large and in charge of your destiny.  All of life is a choice.  If you are making bad ones “STOP”!  If you say you don’t know where to start…shut up and meditate….answers always come in the silence.  But for goodness sake give us all a break; get outside yourself, shut up, do something for others each day, and watch your world change to something amazing.

If you focus and take a few baby steps each day it will happen!

Namaste,  The Queen Cronista










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