Diva Tasting- Summer Menu Salad


Serves 8

1 Cup Peach Dressing; recipe below

1 Lg English Cucumber Halved and Sliced ½ Strips

2 Lbs Multi-Colored Heirloom Grape Tomatoes Halved

¾ Cup Red Onion Halved and Sliced

½ Cup Basil Leaves Sliced (divided)

1 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt ground

1 tsp Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Place Peach Dressing (see recipe below) in a large bowl add salt and pepper. Add cucumber, tomatoes, onion and ¼ Cup of the fresh basil. Toss well and let stand 5 minutes.


3 Tbsp Tarragon Vinegar

1 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Thyme

1 tsp Sugar

1 Lg Very Ripe Peach Peeled and finely chopped (Appx ½ cup)

6 Tbsp Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Place all in a food processor except oil. Blend to desired consistency then slowly drizzle in Oil. If you do not have a food processor; whisk for about 3 minutes as you add oil. Let stand about 15 minutes for flavors to marry.

NOTE: You may use ½ cup of fresh chopped raspberries if you do not prefer peach.

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