Is It Just Me! Common Sense….

One of the many things I learned in Corporate America was you cannot train common sense.  I use to recruit professional associates right out of the top 10 college and universities.  Many could not even use a 10 key calculator.  More than a few had no common sense which was needed even at their beginning level of job skills.  It’s hard for a HR recruiter to recruit for common sense.  Good ole’ street sense.

I therefore was decided to start a program of recruitment in house of people with great potential but without college degrees. They had to be nominated by a regional VP, pass a basic standardized test and interview process.  We ended up having better retention, better employee loyalty and equal to or better results on productivity from that group than our top 10 University recruits.   Why?… because so many of these folks had come from backgrounds where common sense and/or street sense was the rule of the day.  They were so grateful that someone recognized and had faith in their skill, and gave them a leg up. The ole’ “Don’t judge a book by its cover”….affirmed once again.

I interviewed a CEO of one of the big four car companies once.  I asked him what he thought about a company trying that process.  He said..”You can send a fool to college and he is still a fool”!  This gave me confidence to try this process in the fortune 100 company I was working for at the time.  I still believe we should all give people a chance if they show any inclination toward curiosity, diligence and thinking outside the box.  It will improve the bottom line every time.

There is not much of that happening in our world today.  Open your eyes and heart and see what hidden gems you might discover out there.

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