Diva Musing-Holiday


As many crones, this holiday…I’m alone as usual.  But I have a menu planned for myself and the fur babies.  I will watch movies that make me happy and celebrate the millions of military personnel past, present, and future that have given me a world of freedom in which to dwell.   

I am so grateful for the Flag of Freedom I use to live under, but that soon. will no longer exists.  However, I will focus on enjoying it while I can. Freedom is the fireworks of our soul! It is the Hot Fudge Sunday while we watch the fireworks.  It is hard fought, forged in courage and love of God. Our children’s children will never know that warm feeling.  

Celebrate with family. Fire up the BBQ, take a picnic, take a nature walk or just “vegge” with loved ones and enjoy… be patriotic while you still can.  In the world of impermanence enjoying each moment is so very important.  

Hold those feelings and cerebrate each holiday though the year by making it special to you and your family’s memories.  


The Queen Cronista

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