Is It Just Me?-Observations

This morning I sat at my breakfast hand and observed three young companions at a small table ordering breakfast.  During the entire episode of “breakfast at the barrel” two sat on their phones texting or whatever.  One, with seeming little personality, sat blankly staring into space.  The dynamic interested me; but not that much.  Let’s face it there is no dynamic to that behavior.

At another table I observed a middle aged couple (no electronics anywhere) chatting, laughing, and enjoying their breakfast and seemingly each others company.  This table I could enjoy sitting at with them.

Isn’t it odd how the human race has lost it’s skill sets (though obviously no completely) to interact, look at each other in the face, engage in gentle conversation of humor and memories.  Oh, it just occurred to me, maybe the millennials can’t because they have not made memories other than 1,2,3, text…..!!!!  Sad but painfully true I think.

I have a good friend…we’ll just refer to him as “Analogue Man”. His phone still has a cord, he has a pager but never use it because no one knows how to get to him on it anymore.  He only eats what he cooks, mostly organic, and he does not have cable.  There is an email but if you send one hope he reads it this century.  That will only be if he can get someone to print it into hard copy for him.  He still spends time in the library each weekend and revels in all new books on the shelf.  Not a cave man but certainly not a millennial.  There is no one I’d rather engage in conversation with than “Analogue Man”.  There is still an innocence about these rare and significant people.

I move through my day staying glued to a computer in order to earn enough money to make ends meet in this overpriced, excessive society and long for the simpler day when I read at least 2 books a week and did not have a phone where I was harassed by  solicitors and unwanted voice mail.

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