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Collective Consciousness

I had a question arise in meditations that prompted some looking around. This is one sources speculation, opinion and thoughts on the topic……

Apart from the individual consciousnessat everyone has, there’s also a collective consciousness. This can be looked at as a sort of invisible field that surrounds the planet, in which all gathered knowledge is available.

Animals have a much stronger connection to the collective consciousness than humans, and this explains how they instinctively can do things that they consciously have never learned. In many cases they also lack the brain capacity to be able to understand what exactly they’re doing. Like a colony of ants, that can build a fantastic underground fortress, complete with ventilation systems (1). Because they can draw from all experiences that all ants ever had before, they know exactly what they should and shouldn’t do to build a beautiful fortress.

Another quality in the collective consciousness of ants is: they always know whether their queen is alive or dead. You can take their queen away and put her at the other end of the world and the ants will keep on working. As soon as she dies, however, they will stop work immediately.

Hundredth monkey effect

Also the well known “hundredth monkey effect” (2) comes from the collective consciousness. A few decades ago scientists who were studying macaques on the Japanese islands, discovered that many monkeys ignored the fruits that washed ashore on the beach. After all they were covered in sand. However, there was one female that did know what she had to do with them. She picked the fruits up, walked over to a well, washed them and ate them. It didn’t take long before other, especially younger macaques, ‘aped’ this behaviour, and also enjoyed these sweets. This group slowly expanded further, until apparently a switch took place in the consciousness of the group, and from one day to the next all monkeys started washing their fruits. And not only on their island, but also on the surrounding islands. Even though these monkey colonies were not in contact with each other.

We humans are with our individual consciousness also in contact with this collective consciousness. And not only our knowledge is part of this ‘field’, also all our thoughts and intentions are incorporated in it. It determines who we are, as a species, and what our world looks like. When an individual has a new idea, then from that moment on it’s part of the collective consciousness, and it’s easier for others to have the same idea (3)
Barring exceptions

The strange thing in our case though, is that we’re being governed by rulers who absolutely don’t want certain matters, that are known in our collective consciousness, to actually become part of our society.

For example in the field of free energy, ground-breaking discoveries were being done by great inventors like Nikola Tesla at the start of the last century, that could have supplied the whole world with free power forever. This knowledge was as always directly incorporated in our collective consciousness. But because the establishment, that’s making big money on the oil industry, doesn’t want this, it’s not visible in our society. Not only was Tesla himself chased out of his laboratory and later murdered (4), the same happened to all other inventors who since then came forth with similar inventions. One by one they were bribed, threatened, or murdered by the secret service.

The magnetic motor for example, one of the simplest principals of free energy, has resided for centuries in our collective consciousness. That’s why it’s being invented over and over again, even by students who make it as a project for physics and naturally get an A for it from their teacher(5). But because the Illuminati systematically nip all efforts in the bud to make this invention big, most people still think that free energy is an illusion. And the same goes for all other subjects that we, among others, write about on this site.


DNA has a direct influence on the collective consciousness, and as mentioned, our collective consciousness creates our reality. Your own DNA responds to your thoughts and feelings, so you can use your DNA to influence the world. When a single individual tries this, the effect isn’t that great yet, although it’s greater than you would expect. Experiments in the past have shown this (6). But when large groups focus on a certain effect at the same time, the result is much more noticeable, and even the behavior of people in cities or soldiers in an army can be influenced.

If the whole world would focus on a certain outcome at the same time, for example peace or free energy, then this outcome would manifest itself immediately. The world would literally change from one moment to the next, the illuminati wouldn’t be able to do anything about it at all. The influence of DNA on reality is that powerful. But because the largest part of humanity doesn’t have any idea about this, and are being held in a constant state of fear by the elite through the media, this reality is unfortunately still not a fact.

Because of the awakening of humanity this is however rapidly changing, and the elite aren’t succeeding anymore in manipulating the world as they want to. They’ve had to freeze their plans for a New World Order a long time ago. The only thing that has to take place now is a breakthrough, in which humanity becomes free once and for all and the conscious preparation for Ascension can begin.

Law of Attraction

The principal of a reality that adjusts itself to our consciousness, is being called the “Law of Attraction”. The definition of this law is simple:

Everything that exists, has a certain frequency (vibration). Frequencies work magnetically. So everything that you create, attracts more of the same.

In reality this manifests itself in a way that everything that you put energy into, like thoughts and feelings, constantly creates situations in your life and brings people into your life that suit this. So you largely determine your own fate. If you would consciously change your thoughts and your feelings, then this alone would also change the rest of your life.

For higher civilizations this Universal Law is already a piece of cake. On Earth however, a lot of people aren’t familiar enough with it to use it to their benefit. It’s not an easy law, because it’s a quantum law that works in a mysterious way for us. It goes through the highest intelligence of life itself, so it’s not a “simple” law of nature that shows a direct effect. Sometimes a desired outcome only manifests much later, and in other cases it never does at all.

That’s because life doesn’t only consist of this one Universal Law, as books like “The Secret” claim, but is in reality a mixture of countless laws and forces, that together form one whole. Karma or your soul contract for example, can be factors that hinder a desired outcome. You can visualize all you want that you’re becoming a millionaire, but when you’ve chosen in your soul contract to experience “lack”, for example lack of money or love, then this outcome will never be a reality. The energy of your efforts will benefit you in a certain way, because energy is never lost, but your guardian angel will always make sure that your soul contract is being executed. So he or she will stop the big money, that maybe indeed would have manifested for you through the Law of Attraction, from reaching you.

That may bring a lot of frustration during your life, because on tv you see all these happy people talking about how much money they’ve made through the Law of Attraction, while you’re not succeeding. But once you’re backstage again, you’ll probably be thankful for all the wise insights that this experiencing of “lack” has brought you.

Taken from: http://thegreaterpicture.com/collective-consciousness.html

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