Diva Musing-Are You There?

The world is allegedly overpopulated, in chaos and in need of fellowship everywhere.  Yet, not enough of us are reading our fellow bloggers who try to bring joy, wisdom and enlightenment to our world.  

Stay off the daily news for a few days.  It is all poison and ill gotten fantasy.  Read a good blog on human consciousness, poetic soul food or daily miracles.  It is far more uplifting, and much better for programming the grey matter for contentment.  You become what you think about all day long…(a quote said by every motivator or spiritual person, even Jesus, and Buddha in some context or other).  Seriously how are you programming your hard drive?

Better still, hug a human that may not get a hug all week, hug a furry pet or feed a hungry bird or other furry creature of Mother Nature’s family. The rewards are pleasingly great.

I see so many uplifting blogs, Facebook pages, and photos of nature.  However, I am choosing where I place my focus.  Certainly not main stream hell on earth newscasts. Just food for thought.  You’ve no one to blame when you fall asleep recapping (and burning your hard drive…subconscious mind..with chaotic crap.  

You awaken much more refreshed and ready for a joyful day if you take your first and last hour of each day and use it wisely.  What will you choose today?


The Queen Cronista

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