Diva Musing-Gratitude

I am blessed to have as a friend, a man who tends his organic garden, and meditates a good part of the day.  He is a genius and a scholar.  Yet, he knows his place in the world is to increase the vibration of the planet by being a better self. He walks the talk!

I on the other hand am the old crone who, at pushing 70, meditates like crazy and still wants to witch slap crazy people into their next lifetime. Therefore, not so much contributing to the general light vibration of the planet; but wanting to!

I am so grateful to my friend Jon for reminding me to be more like minded with the true nature of the self and Spirit.  I’ll work harder at it today just by the reminder of his good example.  Wishing you many “well lit” friends.  


The Queen Cronista


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