Diva Musings-Grumbling

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up feeling discouraged? It can’t just be one thing, rather it’s a number of disappointments after disappointments that drag our hope through the mud of despair. We may feel abandoned by the Universe and other people. When we remain in this train of thinking, it can lead to an attitude of complaining or grumbling.

There’s only one remedy for this sad state of mind—being grateful. It’s a choice to switch our thoughts from thinking about everything that has gone wrong to what has gone right. Spiritual maturity is formed in the moment we make the choice to be thankful over complaining. We intently speak out loud or meditate in our minds those things in our lives that we appreciate about our Universe hand in our lives.

The blessing and hand of the Lord is always on us whether we recognize it or not. While we may have problems, our problems don’t have to have us. We can rise above our situations with a thankful heart and something happens within us. Our burdens which once seemed so heavy become lighter. Our attitude and outlook on life becomes more hopeful and we find ourselves expecting our Universe to move in our behalf. We are no longer held hostage to a discontented state of mind.

Through the gift of the Spirit, we are encouraged and reminded that our Universe loves us. We are motivated to keep pressing ourselves forward in gratitude because the Universe is conspiring to do good and won’t fail us. 

Excerpted from: http://daughtersofthecreator.com


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