Diva Rant-Mothering

There are all kinds of mothers….(no pun intended).  There are controlling, overbearing, loony, funny, sarcastic, loving, gentle, nurturing, creative….you get the picture.  

What is not mothering is the woman at the superstore parking lot this morning that was walking and texting along with a 2-3 year old walking behind.  Not holding her hand, not looking at her at all.  The baby was barely moving and looking bewildered as she crossed in front of me in through traffic;  not knowing what to do.  My first instinct was to run over the mother, as I would clearly be doing that baby a favor by having compassion on her.  

Of course I refrained. The woman, in her too short shorts, and tight top was more interested in the phone than the baby.  As she neared the automatic door she reached back….not even knowing if the child was behind her…put our her hand.  The tot was barely across the walk way by then.  

I need to get child services on speed dial.  I’ve seen so much of this kind of neglect, and self-centered, Hollywoodian, its all about me behavior lately.  Thought for the day…this is NOT Mothering….don’t do it.


The Queen Cronista

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