Diva Rant-Inconsiderate People

Today I was having breakfast at my usual local. There was one waitress on board trying to get two take out orders ready.  One was for 200 people and another for 500 people.  And there was a group of 200 coming in later in the morning.  She busted her chops preparing the bags and coffee containers.  Helped the man carry them to their vehicles and they did not leave her one cent in tip!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got into his big automobile, in his smarmy suit, and left.  

Seriously people! Are we so wrapped in our ….”it’s all about me world”….that we cannot appreciate the people who make the world turn?  These people get nothing in a living wage.  They depend solely on our hearts and generosity.  This person greets every soul with a smile and cup of coffee no matter how bad her day is going. Until we start behaving, once again, with courtesy, manners, and heart for those we meet, and who make our world keep turning, we will continue  the dive we are taking to a third world country.  

Be kind to those you encounter each day. Those people who work hard to make your day better so you will tip them and they can take care of that child who needs new shoes, or pay their rent, or buy groceries for a family that lives on the edge of survival.  Do it because it feels so good to give without expectation. Do it because it will come back 10 fold.  Do it because it is the right thing to do. 


The Queen Cronista

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