Diva Musing-The Children

How to start your day. I took my 6 year old great-niece to breakfast this morning. She had her favorite; pumpkin pancakes. There is no better way to make sure you have a good day than to take quality time with a little one. The sparkle in their eyes, the belly laugh at every stupid thing we say, the giant smile when the pumpkin pancakes arrive at the table. Do yourself a favor… spend extra time to love a little one today, and see how much better your life goes all day.

The Universe knows and will reward you; but the reward of just doing it is healing and ethereal. My only regret was her mom had no sense of humor when I suggested she skip school and help me in the office all day. Bummer! Bad Auntie! LOL, I tried.

I’m already looking forward to fall break and the Divafest we are planning one day. I feel a Diva Tea Party Coming on! How is your fall going?


The Queen Cronista

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