Thought for the Day: Random Acts of Kindness


One day this week, perform five acts of kindness—all five in one day. It doesn’t matter if the acts are big or small, but it is more effective if you perform a variety of acts.

The acts do not need to be for the same person—the person doesn’t even have to be aware of them. Examples include anonymously paying for someone meal who is sitting alone in a restaurant.  Talking to the elderly folks abandoned on benches in malls, feeding a stranger’s parking meter, helping someone load bags in a parking lot, or volunteering at a food kitchen or community thrift store or pet rescue in your area.  See if your church needs help with administrative work or your local church school needs substitute teachers. The lest of needs is endless find one that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Start a Happiness Journal.  Each time you perform a random act, write down what you did; also include how it made you feel. Go back at the end of the month and review your efforts.  Even plan what you will do next month.  


Could be anywhere from several minutes to several hours. Of course it depends on your tasks of choice. 

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