Diva Rambling:Negativity

After moving into my first apartment, I spotted a rodent. I asked my neighbor across the hall if she had seen any. She responded, “Just a baby rodent; no big deal.” Obviously no one just has a baby rodent problem–it’s been an unhealthy problem of pests since caveman days.

So it is with our negative thoughts. We don’t have big or little thoughts. We have positive or negative thoughts.  Negativity is a pesky part of our human nature that we will deal with each moment of the day. It only takes a little bit of negativity to infect the entire brain and\or group of people.

This doesn’t mean that we are to call out everyone’s negativity. We would never get anything done! It means that we can’t excuse negativity;  ours personally or corporately.  We must work on cleansing our thoughts daily.

When we justify our negativity (“little rodents”), we will fail. Our bondage comes from justifying our negativity, but our ultimate freedom comes from the acknowledgment and purging of all the vermin in our attic. We have our  Spirit, who gently corrects and convicts us of cleaning our dirty attic. Deal with it. Purge it. It’s more than just vermin.


The Queen Cronista

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