Diva Musing-Conversing with God!

One of my seniors sent me this after a hike on a beautiful day.  I share it with you. It is very inspiring….

Conversing with God

M. R. Hickey

Have you ever taken the time to step outside into God’s creation and let your mind just release? Not only subdue, but truly dump out all your cares. I have been blessed to have the time and the want to, to venture into the woods almost every day. Each and every day that it rains my heart breaks; it breaks because I can’t go outside and gaze at this vast array of diverse earth. In the woods, I have several designated places that I go, and sit, even pray and read often.

One thing I have learned about God’s creation is that He places a respite in diverse places, all we have to do is look for them. It may lie on the trail, or high upon the mountain, whatever appeals to the hunger of your adventurous curiosity, God has placed it in His delectable mountains. I have created the habit of carrying both a recorder and a notebook with me as I trek into this resting place, to document my adventures, findings, and even record the sounds to listen to later. Something truly amazing happened one day while I was praying in the mountains- I heard His voice. I heard the voice of God Himself, not audibly, of course, but; as I knelt in front of my special tree and conversed with Him, the wind blew over my shoulder. It mystified me almost, that as soon as I called, “Holy Father, I…” then blows a powerful wind. I paused for a moment to think and contemplate, and I sat up against that tree and just listened. I heard the wind howl, and the trees crash together with their leaves; the cedars would creak and scrape, and the birds would cry out! It was at that moment that I looked up into the mountain and saw the same sight, the trees were clashing and the birds flying, Why- all of nature was conversing with God! The birds cried out, “Holy Father” just as I did, the trees would shake their leaves to Him in honor, and it was almost as if creation was looking through that gap (Cumberland Gap) and saying, “The Lord has come to visit us today, He’s here to speak with us!”.

Oh, what a thrill, a thrill to see, and to hear natures conversation with God. My heart whispered to me the words of the psalmist, “He telleth the number of stars and He calleth them all by their names. Great is the Lord and His understanding is infinite”(Psalm 147:4-5). As I pondered this great show, I could hear the Lord, through nature say to me, “I know all these trees and birds by name without duplicity, I come to talk with them and they glorify me; if I know all these trees- the mighty oak, the sapling, the hawk, and the sparrow, and care enough to come and speak to them and visit them; how much more do I love and care for you? I didn’t send My Son to die for these trees or the wild game herein, I sent Him for you.”. Oh! How the hot tears flowed from my eyes, I could see Jesus in Caiaphas’s courtroom being mocked and spit upon and Him saying, “For thee I endure this torment and humiliation.” I saw the crown of thorns be pushed down over His brow, and He said to me, “For you do I let My blood run down My face in pain”, I saw Him walking up Calvary’s hill, and He said to me, “For you I stagger under this cross in agony”, I saw Him up on the cross and He cried out to me, “For you I lay down my life, no man takes it from Me, yet, for thee, I willingly give it up”, but dear friend the heaviest tears poured when I saw the sky darken and God say to me, “For you, have I turned My back on My only begotten Son, I let Him bleed and die as an open shame for you! OH! How I love thee! How I’ve proved it over and over again.”.

Friend, you may not see any value whatsoever in my story, but God conversed with His creation that day, and I was fortunate enough to overhear the conversation, and He taught me such a valuable lesson. Get outside, and you too, will hear Him conversing with His creation. Glory to the Lamb of God!

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