Diva Ramblings: Vibration and Timing…

Its now Spring; I wax philosophic….

Life is about taking opportunities when you find them. Tuning in, turning on and tapping into the stream of consciousness that binds us all. There are universal signs we can learn to watch that will enhance our abilities to tune into more cosmic/spiritual vibrations. For example, surfers and fishermen follow the tides to optimize their efforts on the oceans. One must learn to tap into the natural world and the rhythms of nature to maximize the forces of nature in our favor.

By tapping in to the vibration of our Universe, we “go with the flow” and merely by NOT resisting the vibrational forces in our favor we win! We must also know when NOT to force the vibration and reverse the energy fields set in place by the one source of it all. Ultimately it is all about balance and therefore, enjoying all the world that is open to each of us.

There are scriptures that tell us ….where one or more gather… it increases the vibration (good or bad) exponentially. If we or a group learns to tap into our Higher Power regularly our spirits soar and our world becomes a better place.

With anything, you must write it down and repeat it consistently to become part of your life force. Start by picking three things of which you wish to improve your personal vibration. It may be anything from flexibility, self-discipline, more loving spirit, intellect…anything! Write them down and next to each, recall a times that you know you could have made these situations better by changing the way you look/responded to them.

You can do this alone or with a your spirit group. Read them aloud and as you do each person affirm that “I am (state the positive nature) i.e. strong, loving, self-disciplined etc. “ Do this everyday for 21 days to get the habit anchored in your mind. You may feel strange. However, there is an old adage…Fake it till you make it! Write your goals down and read them daily. Either the first or last hour of the day. This makes the vibrational force stronger each time and draws in the energy you want to attract to your existence. This discipline should be as common as breathing or exercise and eating healthy food. Practice, practice, practice……

Make this your discipline with all of life. Connect to your Higher Power each day to improve your vibrational force, and make the life you are meant to have… happen.


The Queen Cronista


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