Diva Rambling: Health

I’m going for a routine doctor visit today.  I realize its spring and time to detox and get the annual checkup.  I’ll liquid fast for 3 days and take my cleansing supplements for 7 days.  Renewal for spring is just a few simple steps away.

People laugh at all of the healing/wellness supplements I take.  However, laugh if you will, I’ve had one cold in 35 years and the flu once in my life.  Admittedly I’ve had a challenge readjusting to the allergens, since returning to the mold capital of the world, here in Appalachia.  But if I take my nettles regularly and keep them in my system ….not a problem.

Wellness is a state of mind as well as utilizing some of the great natural creations with which the Universe has blessed us.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and the right supplements mean a lot to the life of the body you are in.  I’m just saying…given choices….healthy is better than having ass aches all the time.  I choose healthy.  You can too.


The Queen Cronista


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