Diva Musing: Family and the 4th of July….

I remember one of my most fun times of the year were national holiday celebrations.  We had one of those ” Great Dads” who took us to the lake or had a picnic at home in the back yard.  He’d pull out his latest meat smoker, grille or whatever contraption the occasion called for that moment. 

Everybody had a job to help.  Dad was NOT, I repeat NOT a great chef!  However, nothing has ever tasted better than his picnics; prepared with love, humor and his usual condiment of sarcasm at someones expense.  

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day….those were his days to shine and dole out the fun. And they were always fun.  No group was too large for him to entertain.  The more the merrier and thank God for paper plates and plastic utensils.  We didn’t have a dishwasher in those days; except me.  As the oldest of 5 I always had dishpan hands.  The air smelled glorious with the smoking of the grille, the food tasted 5 star, and the fun was mandatory.  

Gone are the simpler days that our children don’t get to enjoy as much. However, props to the parents like my son and daughter-in-law who always keep the IPhones away, the distractions away.  They play with grandma and their children like true families are supposed to do.  I look forward to the drive in movie, set up on the deck outside under the stars, with a larger than life screen and popcorn. I can’t wait to ride the train at the zoo with the little ones and watch them splash in the fountains there too.  

I urge you to make holiday memories, if you are not already doing so.  Have a picnic at home or the park, watch a movie under the stars, take a trip to the local zoo or planetarium.  Lay about some glow in the dark pebbles and have a night time Fairy Scavenger hunt and a magical dessert fest as a wrap up. Surrounded by glowing Fairy pebbles, of course.  

And to all of our military families having to face time with Dad or Mom overseas, let them see the joy going on, because they fight for our freedom each day.  We send you love, light and laughter this holiday.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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