Diva Musing: Decisions…

This quote came to my alter ego  the other night while meditating….”My life is but a canvas showing all the colors and brush strokes of my decisions.”

The Queen of the Cosmos

Isn’t it true though?  We are each a brilliant thread in the tapestry of the Universe.  Well….some are more the background (supporting cast) of weaving that makes up the tapestry.  But it is our job to give the best of what we have to offer to make our tapestry beautiful and whole. 

We do this by making better decisions each day.  Letting go of the past, not falling into the traps of background threads in the now.  Deciding, with intent, everyday to help add only beautiful threads to the tapestry of our world.  Its easier than you might think; if you only practice.  That said, the JuicyCrones wish you love, light and laughter to keep you going everyday.  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista



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