Diva Musing: When Did You Get Smart….?

I was talking to my favorite manager at the Bell watering hole today.  We were laughing how we still do child like things like make our bath hand soap look like clouds in the sky by mixing cream soap with blue dish washing liquid.  I tell people its for my great-niece, but seriously its for me… because it makes me happy too.

I heard a song on the 60’s rock hits, while sitting there, that I didn’t remember. Was it because I never heard it for senility reasons.  I pondered the question …”what else did I miss in the 60’s”! Was it because I was young and did not have age appropriate awareness and wisdom, or was it just because I refused to listen?  

Anyway I had more than one humorous and eye opening epiphany this morning.  I love a day that starts like this.  Anyway, we laughed as I was prompted by channeling my alter ego The Queen of the Cosmos to come up with this quote: “We are all always stupid before we get wise!” Here is to wisdom and all of our growing pains. 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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