Diva Rant: Your Diva Caution for Today…

I spent the day in a lawyers office yesterday. Two elderly friends of mine were traveling this summer and a tree fell on their car and knocked the engine out of their 3 month old vehicle, causing each to need hospitalization and/or surgery.  The Park Ranger who took the accident report would not give them the name of the contractors cutting trees on the roadside nor would he allow one of the women ambulance access to the hospital.  She had a fractured hand and head injury.  The accident report does not tell anyone anything… even the date listed is incorrect. He also refused to take the name of the witnesses.   Hello, people, your tax dollars are paying this incompetent person.  A local licensed contractor being paid by tax dollars, was felling trees and had cut two that fell against the culprit tree and failed to post warnings, or take reasonable care to prevent the one closest to the highway from falling on it, or this vehicle.  

I feel certain had the women been younger, or if there had been a man present in the vehicle, the report would have been more complete.  Now they cannot get repayment on their medical expenses because they cannot locate the culprit tree contractor.  Traffic was rerouted but the culprit tree fell across the whole road without warning.  Thankfully they were not injured worse.  Now they do not even have a case a lawyer can assist with, to get them their surgery and doctor bills reimbursed for out of pocket expenses.  

My point is, my divas, never be bullied at the scene of any accident.  It against the law, even for witnesses, to leave the scene.  I don’t know what to tell you about the accident authority who refuses to take proper information and document.  Anyway, always take photos of the scene, the injuries (if you are conscious), take a picture of the police or accident authority taking your report so you will have a badge number and name.  Take a picture of license plates of witnesses if the accident authority won’t give you names.  And always take pictures of roadway and lack of or presence of any relevant construction or road signs in the vicinity.  If you aren’t in shock try to be diligent.  I cannot believe how lacking in care this accident was handled.  

Protect yourselves, my divas, be as alert and inquisitive as you can.  These two women are on fixed incomes and have permanent injuries, diminishing the quality of life for the rest of their time on this planet.  They have no recourse but to keep bearing the costs, of onset arthritis from the surgery, and permanent partial hearing loss, respectively for both.  As the lawyer told them ….we do not have a justice system, we have a legal system regulated by politicians in every state capital.  Considered yourselves loved and cautioned by The Queen Cronista


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