Diva Musing: Alone vs. Lonely….

I live in my own little world.  But its OK, they know me here! I’ve always been one of those who is comfortable being alone.  However, that does not mean I’m lonely.  In my little corner of the world no one gets to be boss but me.  I read, meditate, love my fur babies and pray as often and as long as I want.  There are no time clocks set to stop or start me. 

Once I get out into the world I try to avoid the usual rush and morass of the masses.  We all know that is impossible.  But we can maximize how we respond to everything by looking at it in a more grateful and glorious way that the Universe was truly created. 

One need only to look at: Great architecture (new and old), museums filled with the works of creative giants, the museum of nature and all it’s amazing perfection and imperfections and even the museum of lost wonder.  I think Einstein once said that …”one need not live if one has lost one’s sense of wonder…! And never forget that the Universe is created for us. Never loose site of the one source of all power and goodness that is pulling for us at all times.

Take time today to notice and be aware of the beauty around you.  The love and riches that surround you.  Give thanks to the one source power that gives it all.  You can be alone but never lonely with me.


The Queen Cronista


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