Diva Musing: Soul Health…

We live in a world where no one wants to earn their keep anymore. I don’t know why. Our parents would have kicked us in the assets if we thought we were too good to work. We were healthier, happier and had more time than in today’s morass in which we live.

The best key to making sure you arrive each day is on the poster below….

I was in a store the other day where the employees were in a dither about an employee not showing up again and not calling in to let them know. In my day two strikes and you’re out. Not so anymore. I hear them say their manager wouldn’t fire him because she was more worried about her turnover stats than customer service. So there you go…yet one more explanation of why our world is in a state of confusion.

Good employees are set an example by losers who keep getting away with it. I left corporate America because the employees were able to stay on shopping pages and text on their personal phones all day long and not work. Complaints went up, and HR would let management do nothing about it. They were worried about turnover!

Only you can set the tone for your own spirit and do what is right. Otherwise, the price will be paid. Somehow, someday the Karma Cops will get retribution… and most people blame anything but themselves for their ultimate plight. Don’t be one of those. Choose the peace of soul and spirit that only right doing can bring. Namaste, The Queen Cronista.

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