Diva Musing: Guided Visualization…

I mention that pray and meditate a lot.  One of the things I teach in classes is guided visualization.  A way to go to a comfortable place and relax and clear the “dust bunnies” from the attic.  For those of you who are not familiar with guided visualization, we will walk through one for you.  This is a technique used by shaman and other wise souls to expand into the Universe safely and return renewed.  

Today we’ll do just that.  I’m playing meditation music from YouTube in the background.  Sit comfortably with your spine erect and relax your hands in your lap palms up. 

Take three long, slow, deep breaths in… as deep as you can take them.  Hold for seven seconds and slowly exhale to the count of twenty-one.  Now, imagine yourself in the attic of your mind.  It is full of dust bunnies and tumble weeds.  Throw open the double doors on your forehead and let the light inside.  See yourself with a large broom sweeping all the dust bunnies and tumbleweed and any other rubbish there out into the Universe.

As the debris leaves it turns into beautiful flowers, surrounded by glorious bubbles, floating into the Universe to positively charge your world.  Your brain is cleansed, your world is happy with the lovely energy you re-purposed and made wonderful.  

You are relaxed and ready to face the day.   

Namaste,  The Queen Cronista


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