Diva Rambling: Your Invitation from the Universe….

No time for meditation?  Look at it this way.  What if the Creator of the Universe invited you to tea?  That would be an invitation you would not say no to, ever.  You can find time between tasks to sit, clear the mind of the dust bunnies (see yesterday’s post) and give a quick meditation to the Universe.  

Research tells us that a fifteen minute meditation is a good and restful as a two hour nap! I meditate in the car while waiting for appointments, or in a doctors office (so I don’t have to listen to the rabble of the waiting room).  I can even meditate while I mop or vacuum.  If you use the three cleansing breath method to start you learn, through practice, to go in and out of meditation anywhere, anytime.  

Here’s to afternoon tea with your Universe,

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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